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Our plumbers in La Grange, KY, are highly trained, professional, and skilled at providing quality service and care to our clients. From leaky pipes to complex water heater repairs, we offer the best plumbing services at competitive prices.

Contact our crew at (502) 265-0737 to schedule an appointment.

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We Are The Best Plumbers In Central Kentucky

We are a trustworthy business with experienced, certified, and trained plumbers who deliver the absolute best in quality services. With our flat-rate pricing, we ensure you’re receiving quality services at competitive prices.

Lastly, we offer the best warranties in the business. We provide warranty on repairs and replacements. We’re confident in our work, and we want you to be, too. 

Our Full-Service Plumbing Company Offers:

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    How to Remove Rust from Bathroom Toilets & Sinks

    How to Remove Rust from Bathroom Toilets & Sinks

    Rust is unsightly and a pain to clean. As a leading plumbing service provider in La Grange, our team at Backup Plumbing receives plenty of questions about removing rust stains from plumbing. Here we’ll talk a bit about the cause of rust, cleaning methods, and proactive solutions to avoid future rust. Here’s what you need…
    Why Does My Garbage Disposal Smell?

    Why Does My Garbage Disposal Smell?

    Garbage isn’t associated with good smells, but if your garbage disposal smells funky, there could be a problem. At Backup Plumbing, we deal with our share of garbage disposal issues in La Grange. We see many causes for bad smells, but fortunately, we know just as many ways to fix the issue. Here, we’ll talk…
    How You’re Probably Misusing Plumber’s Putty and Caulk

    How You’re Probably Misusing Plumber’s Putty and Caulk

    DIY is a fun way to get involved in home building projects in La Grange. DIY is a grey area in plumbing. Many plumbing projects are best left to the professionals. Of course, there are some which can be tackled efficiently with the right tools and know-how. At Backup Plumbing, we receive plenty of questions…
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