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Whether you deal with minor plumbing problems or significant repairs, you can count on our Backup Plumbing experts for quality services. With years of experience in the industry, we have been the go-to company for professional plumbing services in Springhurst, KY, and the nearby communities. We provide expert solutions, including commercial plumbing installation, residential repairs, and maintenance services.

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At Backup Plumbing, we make it our goal to provide our clients with the utmost comfort by providing quality residential and commercial plumbing services at the most affordable costs! Anytime you need bathroom remodels, gas line services, repiping, or dripping faucets, you can always count on our team.

Cost-Effective Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services You Can Trust

No one wants a clog or leaky faucet. But, what’s more, frustrating is not having a dependable team to call for all your plumbing problems. Fortunately, if you are in Springhurst, KY, or nearby areas, Backup Plumbing is just a call away! We continue our commitment to quality customer service while adapting to technological advancement and modern industry practices. Industry-leading warranties back all our residential and commercial plumbing services to ensure you’re making the most of the money you spent.

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Nothing beats the professional solutions our licensed and experienced local plumbers can provide when it comes to plumbing problems. So, whether a dripping faucet is giving you a headache or the idea of correct plumbing installation is keeping you awake at night, Backup Plumbing is here to help. We will diagnose your problems thoroughly and give you all the details and options to solve the case. Give us a call, and we’ll take it from there!

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